[PAID] Need blueprint to add forward/reverse scrolling to cinematic VR experiences

I don’t know how big of a job this is, but if someone says they can do it for a relatively affordable price then I’d like to hire them.

We’re making VR music “videos” that will, for now, be freely downloadable on Steam, we’re making great progress however I’d like a blueprint to add to each that will allow us to press the trigger button on our Vive or Rift controllers and pause the experience. At that time the view should narrow… we’ll still be able to look around but the limited field of view I hope will allow us to scroll forward and backward without motion sickness. Also a scroll bar will pop up, which we’ll skin different for each video, with a marker that we can physically grab and move to any point in time, and hopefully Unreal has the ability to sync up in this way.

Also it would be great to have a bit of haptic feedback. So ideally I’m looking for someone who owns either a Vive or Touch controllers, so they feel if it’s working well or not.

We already have artists but some basic modeling may need to be done before we design the final version.

PM me if you’d like to know more.