[PAID] Need An All Around UE Pro

Hey there! I’m looking for someone that can help get a straight forward game wrapped up. It needs 4 levels, soundtrack, ui/hud, a bit of enemy work and fine tuning. Please DM for details. Job is paid, budget is limited, open to discuss. Dropping dev teaser here, was used just showcasing progress thus far, should give you a solid idea on what we’re shooting for.

Drag The Dead


I am Senior Unreal Developer having a great working experience of 4+ years along with hands on over Blueprints and C++ as well.

  • Do you have any reference?
  • What will be the concept of game?
  • Do you have any documentation ?

Some of my previous work :
Power Plant Simulation :
Underwater VR Experience:
Road King:

Let’s get in touch to discuss the project in detail. Please update me with your time availability so that we can schedule a discussion.

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Here is my resume:

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The position has been filled currently. Thanks all for you’re responses and if we need any more assistance we’ll let you know!