[PAID] Music video for the deconstructed club music


I’m looking for someone to create a music video for one of my songs. I would like the character / one of the characters to be me. I present the piece below. Let me know if you have any idea and what budget would be needed for such a project.


Hey deconstructed,

I’ll give it a go, please contact me to discuss further (

To get a stylised character, go to,, and follow the instructions. Once an fbx model is obtained, it can be sent to for rigging, and then imported into UE4 for animating. If you want facial animations then you’ll have to use to create 51 blendshape for use with the iPhone and LiveLink.

Alternatively, if you want a realistic metahuman copy of yourself, you’ll need the metahuman creator, which can manually merge 3 characters to obtain the desired results, very long winded though and a photo reference will be required. The upside, you’ll be able to use an iPhone c/w livelink to perform facial animations on the fly.

Also, the more you know what you want in the video, the better.

Hope this helps?!

All the best,