[PAID] Music Composer #48,494-B Looking for Food

Greetings, I am audio composer #48,494-B of 1,482,558. I’m just going to cut to the chase and trim the fat. There is my portfolio - I shall let it speak for itself. - it includes a diverse range of musical styles, many of which are for past and current projects. (Which I have permission to post publicly)

If you need to know anything else (background, experience, skillset, history/life-quest) you can either ask me, or read my latest blog on Moddb; In which case, I’ll assume you’re interested in working with me.

If you wish to know any more (height, weight, glycemic index, relationship status)…I’ll assume you’re weird, and I will run away from you.

Thank you.

:confused: Resistance is futile?

Parsing String…You are correct. Error in initial estimate. Correction: there are 700 Billion. Initiate Protocol Zeta. Orbital Strike Commencing. Destroy Competition.

Alcatraz, I thought you were absorbed by the Nano suit.

Bump time. I need food.

Preparing to commence Blitz.

More music is up. They call me Half-Rats - Remember me.

Another bump. No freebies.

New “Old” music is up.

Bump bump bump, all day long, bump bump bump while I sing this song.

Bumping yet again. You’ll be happy to note that I make music with my hands, mouth and ears.

Just a question… Have you ever done something about creepy/scary/terror music?