[PAID] Multiplayer developer for academic project

We are looking for a multiplayer developer for our academic project.

The program is ready, the developer will improve the basic multiplayer infrastructure only. There will be voice chat in the multiplayer mode.

Details of work:
The project allows students from different schools to study in the same environment through avatars. Readyplayerone avatar system etc. are all ready. The porgram works standalone mode successfully. A multiplayer mode simply needs to be developed where students can interact and talk to each other with voice chat.

If the amount is agreed, payment will be made once since it is an government supported academic project.

Hey @gerilla,
I’d love to help you with the project.

Let’s connect on discord (himanshu_83987) to discuss further.


Hi @gerilla,

If you haven’t found someone yet, feel free to contact me for the multiplayer gig.
I’m a senior dev who has worked with small multiplayer projects like yours.

Find me on Discord : tylerhurdle

Or email me : tylerhurdle@outlook.com


I’m an experienced multiplayer developer with more than 13 years of experience and can do this easily for you.

I don’t know if you want to use EOS or any other free voice chat solution or want to host your own but we can discuss that when in discussion.

Email ashkan.saeedi.1989@gmail.com
LinkedIn New tab (linkedin.com)

Hi @gerilla ,

I can help you with this. Lets connect at your convenience to discuss more.

my Discord: Akarsh#6320


hi @ashkan_gc just sent you an email regarding UE5 c++ multiplayer contract work if you’re still available.