[PAID] Mobile App Free Runner Game // Scissor Fight Studios

[PAID] Mobile App Free Runner Game // Scissor Fight Studios

[PREFIX] Unreal Artist for Mobile App Free Runner Game

[PAID] Negotiable, based on experience!

[CONTRACT] Fully established and funded Post-House/Virtual Production company looking for full/part time employees, or individual looking to pay-per-project.

Project Title: [Free Runner Game]

Description: Mobile App Free Runner Game in Beta for Scissor Films’ new games development division, Scissor Fight Studios. Working with top artists/brands to develop games and push innovation in the virtual world.

May Include:

-Supported on all mobile platforms.

-Tense atmosphere.

-Unique non-combative single/multiplayer.

-First person view point.

-Challenged with new obstacles or level pieces with quick adaptiveness.

-Ability to create any of the following game design patterns: endless mode, quick progressive difficulty, random level generation, protagonist mode, score system, store, obstacle, supporting object, simple control, power ups and specials, currency, challenges, character selection, mini tutorial, leaderboard.

Team Name:
Scissor Films

Team Structure:
3D Artists
Texture & Concepts Artist

Previous Work:

Talent Required:

-3D Artist (1)

-For UE5: Blueprints, materials, level streaming, as well as knowledge of photogrammetry, Motion Capture, virtual production/VR, cinematography, and VFX, Perforce.

-Ability to export to FBX format.

-Experience with UE4/UE5 toolset.

-Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for use in Free Runner game.

-3D Character Artist

-Experience with MAXScript, Python, MATLAB, Maya a bonus.

-Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.


-In-office position in Burbank, Monday-Friday.

-Experience with photoreal modeling, materials, and lighting in Unreal Engine, assemble, set dress, and light levels/environments for a wide variety of virtual training applications.

-Understand how the various parts of a computer work together to render a scene, from loading the data from the hard drive to presenting it as an image to the player.

-Extensive knowledge of industry-standard software for 3D and 2D content creation.

-Passionate, creative problem solver, excellent communication skills, strong time management & organization skills around tight deadlines, and strong teamwork ethic and ability to work with the whole team–from pre to post-production!

Scissor Films

Contact: Shaina
E-mail: shaina@scissorfilms.com