[PAID] MOBA Game Programmer

[PAID] MOBA Game Programmer

Project Title:
Ethereal: Clash of Souls

Ethereal is an upcoming 3D MOBA from Undying Games LLC.


  • Vertical map design (stacked lanes)
  • Unique character class system
  • New MOBA elements

Team Name:
Undying Games LLC

Talent Required:
Looking for an individual to help us take assets created by the design team and program them into the actual game. (This includes everything from characters, minions, parts of the map, etc)
Individual needs to have a firm understanding of typical MOBA requirements while programming. (basic attack animations, how minion waves function, character stats)
Our goal is a Alpha launch by Spring 2019.

  • Prior MOBA Programming Experience (required)
  • Experience/knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 (required)
  • Experience/knowledge of C++ (required)
  • Re-targeting and Blueprint Experience (required)
  • Knowledge on typical MOBA terms (preferred)
  • Compensation provided on work load allotment


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Interested will add you on discord : ), Im neonerone in discord.