[PAID] MEGA MONSTERS Virtual Cinematography (live action + VFX) Kids Game Show in Toronto Canada

Project Title:
Mega Monsters Toronto

a television show that’s the action of Power Rangers and the game show elements of American Gladiators, for kids. Kids compete against each other and giant monsters to save Earth and win prizes.

Team Name:
7ate9 Entertainment is the creator and producer of the show, distributed by DHX entertainment and Nickelodeon. We are looking for freelancers or studios to partner with to accomplish this groundbreaking production. (we have already shot a pilot, now filming series in Toronto later this year.) The style of the show is futuristic Japanese Kaiju meets HALO. We are looking to build a team of capable individuals who are ready to bridge video game and television creation pipelines to form something new and amazing!

Team Structure:
David Glasgal (Coordinating Producer)
Producer, project management - television 15 years.

Ron A. Fisher (Virtual Set Supervisor)
Motion Capture and virtual Production engineer - 20 years

  • a crew of 50+ people

Talent Required:

Lead 3D Environment artist (1)
•  to create landscapes, environments, virtual sets, other elements
• able to build a team as needed

Lead 3D Character Artist (1)
• To create monsters and other characters
• Expert with Maya, lightwave, 3DSmax,
• Expert at UE4 toolset, scripting
• able to build a team as needed


  • High/Low Poly Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Shader/Material creation
  • 3D animation (Characters and mechanical)


  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Substance Designer

Lead 3D Materials & lighting Artist (1)
• to Make our 3D Characters and environments look awesome in UE4
• Expert at UE4 toolset, scripting

Lead Mocap Engineer (1)
• capture and map facial capture of actors onto animated characters
• Expierence with Optitrack and Faceware plugin
• Experience with Lightcraft Previzion system

Send portfolio and contact info to:
jobs (@)
please put in subject line “Unreal Mega Monster jobs”

7ate9 Entertainment