[PAID] Matthew "X32Lapis" Tan - 3D Character Artist/Generalist

Hey ya everyone,

My name is Mat and I’m a 3D Character artist/Generalist and I’m looking for some freelance work. I worked as a Character Artist for 2 years where I would take 2D Concepts and would fully realize them in 3D. As a Generalist 2 years before that I helped out in all areas from Animation,Environment,Lighting etc.

**Skillset(s):**3D Character Artist

  • 2 Years producing Cinematic Quality Characters which involved: Modeling,Sculpting,Texturing, and working with riggers/animators to make sure the characters could perform their roles

**Skillset(s):**3D Generalist

  • 2 Years as a Generalist, I was entrusted to take concept idea to full 3D which included modeling assets to a concept, Animating characters and Cameras,Texturing environments and props, Dressing scenes and finally lighting and rendering.

Previous Work:
Unfortunately the Title I worked on has not been released although you can find some samples on my portfolio with watermarks.

Portfolio -
Art Blog -

E-mail - or
Skype - matthewtan85

Additional Information:

  • Currently Living in New Zealand(UTC+12:00)
  • Available to start immediately
  • Can work 5-7 days a week if need be
  • Preferably Remote work, although not limited to
  • Although my professional experience is not with Game quality I have work on game quality models like my Comicon 2014 entry

Thank you for taking the time to read my post

Kind Regards

Posting some of the art pieces here for quick easy viewing. Also some Work in progress of personal art etc.


hmm wonder how many images I can attach

there are alot of people needing for a character artist, it wont be long till you get some work xD

AzamKhan: Thanks buddy appreciate you taking the time to visit my thread and comment :slight_smile:

Just adding a couple of more images on the personal work I have gone back to working on.



Some low poly work I finished recently


Hello X32Lapis,

I sent you a PM regarding this post, I hope you can get back to me when you can.

Tris: 19,700
Texture: 4096x2048


How much do you charge per model?

Just update on my Female Survivor post. I’ve also started streaming some of my work if I happen to be on and you are interested feel free to drop by and chat here and chill


My Comicon 2015 Entry

only albedo and normal shown

they all look amazing!

sent you a message on skype

Rendered out a turntable. Watch on youtube for 1080p

Head Sculpt Practice

Some Head Practice

Added Marmoset Viewer files so these models can be viewed in real time in your browser. Files are about 50MBs so may take some time to load

Uchiha Cassandra<<<<

Uchiha Cassandra Masked<<<<

I started a Goku for 3D Print. This was for practice so I could learn how to better prepare models for printing. Made a lot of mistakes which I have learnt from for future projects. All made in ZBrush

Likeness sculpt WIP Sophie Turner

Closer shots of Sasuke X Batgirl

Please message me with rates and availability. Thank you.