[Paid] Mac Packaging Assistance Needed

This is a temporary freelance opportunity. We currently have a game that is available for windows 10 but is not available for mac computers. (we don’t do mobile yet)
Our original plan was to not have it for mac but due to the nature of our game and the requests we feel it appropriate to look into mac option.

This is a short term project. We need someone who has experience with mac and can get the latest game open in 4.21 engine to see what bugs it has. Then we can debate if it will be monetarily worth it from there.

Talent Required:

  1. Mac experience in the unreal engine
    The error we currently have can be seen here Packaging for Mac computers Problems - iOS Development - Unreal Engine Forums

This may be very short term.

Paid hourly as this initial part will be short but if we decide to build mac version then we will need your assistance to debug on a more continual basis for macs.

Please contact

i am experienced with ios apps(games + apps) isong ue4.

preparing apps for mac app store should not be diffcult .
i am interested .
u can check my portofalio from my sign . also from linkdln.
plz use skype to contarct me