/ [PAID] Looking to put together a team + contract work both experienced and Inexperienced.

Hi everybody, I’m finally turning my Sci-fi/Fantasy universe into a game. I originally started game development in the Sourcemod days. I’ve dabbled in modding over the past 12 years which has given me an approximate knowledge of many things. A few years ago I started world creating in Unity, testing animations, props, and learned C#. Over time I realized my vision of the game I wanted to create and that vision was better supported in the Unreal engine. So here I am!

The game revolves around politics mostly, however a huge focus on combat, both melee and ranged weapons. The player will be able to involve themselves into a world thousands of years after magic is returned to earth. It is VERY rich in lore and the characters you encounter should feel real. The player will influence the governments of the assorted factions in the 8kmx5km world. (Size could change, however bigger is not always better!)

You’re welcome to check out the game’s indiedb page HERE.

Originally I was going to do everything myself and contract out asset creation. The reason I was going to do this was due to push-back from experienced, but doubtful developers when I had initially started on it’s development. Here we are now with a lot of ground covered that I was told I would not be able to accomplish. My point is I am VERY driven and will never quit the development of this game as it has been my vision since I was a child, set in a universe I have created over many, many years. Please do not take this as me being a control freak as I am VERY open to changes and am excited to see how people can improve this game and make it ours instead of mine.

I want to keep the team rather small and intimate. Right now I’m looking for:

  • Prop/Asset creators.

  • Character/Rigging designers.

  • C++ Coders.

  • Blueprinters.

  • Story coordinators.

  • Sound Designers.

(Music is being created by a local artist in my town)

These positions are Royalty based, however if you are looking for Contract work in any of these fields PLEASE contact me as I am more than willing to pay fairly. We can discuss this on discord.

Do not shy away from messaging me if you are inexperienced as dedication, drive, and team cooperation is much more important to me than experience.

Discord: Mostsavory#9266

Project Harpy Discord