[PAID] Looking to Hire for Sequencer Cinematographer for Launch Trailer

Cinematographer for Launch Trailer
UE4.25 Sequencer, Animation Blendspace
At least 1 year experience and a UE4 reel/portfolio (preferably 3+ years cinematics work)
Start: Very soon

Launch Trailer (under 2.5 minutes) plus a few shorter remixes

Unreal Engine 4.25 Sequencer, plus ingame footage,

Studio is looking to round this team out with a cinematographer. Experience with blueprints related to Sequencer/cameras required.

Studio has a composer and original music, an audio engineer and an extensive library available, a well know key artist, very large animations library and our animator available, devs/volunteers available record ingame footage. Storyboarding has been ongoing for 6 months.

Bonus points:
Reel with fluency in animals/quadrapeds Maya/UE4/etc animations (you don’t need to make animations, just fluency in understanding motion and collaborative polishing of blending in UE4 Sequencer)
Fluency in UE4 Niagara
Fluency in UE4 Nvidia RTX
Access to a RTX 2080ti or Titan RTX (or a farm)

Experience with Perforce

DM me with your info.