[PAID] Looking to have lots of custom skins made in one mod

Hey all,

I’m looking for a modder who’d like to get paid to make a mod for me. I’d like to add a good amount of skins added to a new mod. Anything that’s skinnable, I’d like to add custom skins for it.

Everything from badass (over the top armor like Sauron’s) to cute (anime type stuff). I’d also like to do this for dinos. Of course, it should all just be skins, not items. Also, there is no need for creating a way to acquire them in-game (I do not want players to acquire them, actually). The spawn codes will do just fine with my automated store system :slight_smile:

Anyone who’s experienced in such, please hit me up. I’m willing to pay multiple different ways, such as hourly, per skin, etc.

P.S. We’ll take it all one step at a time. The mod will release with one simple skin, and we’ll simply continue with more and more until we’ve got a good stockpile of them.

Here we are two weeks later and all the weapons from the Epic Infinity Blade pack are in! Check out the mod here:

So I’m now looking to get started on armor skins. Anyone who’s experienced there, please feel free to hit me up. I’ll buy the armor models, you put them in the game as a skin.

Also, if anyone else is interested in supplying some models or contributing in some way, please hit me up. The goal is to keep adding content that players and admins can appreciate.

hello I am the creator of mystic academy if you still need people let me know

Looking for modders still!

I need someone to help put some armor skins into this Skins Mod, and someone to make an entirely new mod for me.

Please message me.