[PAID] Looking for Unreal Tutor - Creating Blendspaces and/or Blueprints - $20Usd per hour?

Hi, I’m new to Ue4 and struggling with the learning curve. I’ve watched over 40 hrs of tutorials but just wasting too much time trying to figure some things out. I would like to screen share with a very experienced person so we can troubleshoot some things and I can learn as we go.

Specifically what I’m looking for:

A) Creating a Blendspace and Animation Blueprint for a four legged spider, the animation blueprint, all the animations are already done except creating a reverse animation from a forward animation.
Create a Blendspace and Animation Blueprint for a flying drone. Animations are all done.

B) Blueprints

  • Create a Blueprint so that a flying drone follows me around but stays at my 10 o’clock, 1 meter away, about player head level height, looking at me.
  • Create a Blueprint so that I can instruct the flying drone to move to an object, pause, and then return to me.
  • Create a Blueprint so that I can call for specific animations when meets trigger box or when a variable equals X.

Ideally I thought a screen share program with audio would be the best choice but I don’t know which one would be best.

If interested, let’s chat.

Google Hangouts, is the best (Free) Voice / Screensharing Software in my experience. It has the best Screensharing Quality / Bandwidth. I’ve been using Hangouts for UE4 Dev for a good few years - it works good. Discord Voice / Screenshare is also usable.

Hangouts works best if both parties are using Google Chrome. Simply go here: https://hangouts.google.com/

And start a Video Call. You can then share the URL of the Conference Room with your colleague.

Hope that’s helpful! :slight_smile:

I might be interested in helping out. I sent you a private message.