[PAID] Looking for Unreal Engine Consultant [Workflow assist]


I’m the studio director of and Archviz studio and our office is looking to move our workflow into Unreal Engine, The Artists are getting proficient in the Engine itself but we’re having issues establishing an efficient and scalable workflow that allows multiple team members to collaborate in a single project at the same time.

Our current workflow revolves around 3D Studio Max and we need an Unreal Engine consultant that has experience working in a studio environment that revolves around Unreal Engine with a large team.

Our objective is to set protocols to:

  • Project Files Management
  • Multiple Artist collaboration simultaneously in a single project.
  • Asset management (Network Library)

We heard about things like version control or third-party management software and we’re looking for someone that is able to take a look at our system, our team and give us guidance to be able to work efficiently and be able to grow in the future by pointing what elements, software or hardware is needed to make it work.

We hope the consultant is US based and speaks English, Other than that we can discuss the details, fees and timelines over a meeting/Interview, please leave a comment below and I look forward to getting started.

Have a nice day.