[PAID] Looking for Unreal Developer for Law Enforcement XR Simulation

To continue the development of our XR Law enforcement, Military and Firefighters simulators on the UE5 base, Ramrod is looking for a UE developer.

After initial successes in the design and development of VR simulators for Law Enforcement and the Military on the UE4 game engine. Ramrod is continuing its development on the UE5 engine. The company is dynamic and growing. Several development positions are to be filled.

In close collaboration with the CTO, and the Lead developer you will be in charge of the development and updates of the company’s software.

This internet link will give you an idea of ​​Ramrod’s development and current strategy:

In a lot of situations real life training is not sufficient for those who have to solve the occuring problems. As responsible citizens we expect that everything is handled professionally and lawfully - but a lot of difficult situations depend more on luck and circumstances than on skill and training because training is extremely limited. Hostage Situations, Terror Attacks, Shootouts are often challenging to train.
This has 3 reasons. Either it is too expensive to train, because the budget is limited - a fact we all have to accept that we can’t spend an unlimited amount of money because as society we have to stay cost/benefit positive. Additionally to this the currency “time” is also very limited. The more we spend on logistics, the less time we have to train. This results in a limited amount of interaction, gear, ammunition and time for training.
The second reason is that it is often impossible. You simply can not block the central train station in a big city to train for one week against terror attacks. Communters have to go to work and they need the available infrastructure. And you also can not build a second mock train station because that would overexceed the budget. But unfortunately most terror attacks happen on those places and have devastating impact.
The third reason that limits training abilities are life threatening situations. It is not tolerable that we loose lives of ourselves when training to save lives. Unfortunately a lot of situations are highly dangerous and therefore can not be trained. For example we can not ask for a child to play hostage in a live fire hostage rescue training. And if a situation can be trained it is always a huge mess with bureaucracy, live saving support elements and safety restrictions.
The XR Simulation we build should ease the pains of the 3 challenges mentioned above and max out the training capabilities greatly. The available training methods are mostly optimized and can improve only by 0.1% per year. XR improves in huge steps and offers never available options to master complex situations, provide analytics where we never had them and contributes to the improvement of lawful interaction from all participants.

Why Ramrod?

Do you want to work on projects that save lifes in the real world and can drastically improve your own situation when in need?

Do you want to claim the creation of top-notch applications and see them live internationally?

Do you appreciate a certain autonomy and the dynamics of a growing team?

Do you want to create the next generation realistic Simulation to train real Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Military and Coorporate professionals in VR, XR or AR?

Have you ever thought about psychological gyms to train your brain ?

Do you want to work with customized hardware that is unique on the market and maximizes success?

Are you looking for a challenge?

We offer :

The opportunity to work on applications with global impact.

An attractive salary.

Permanent Employment Contract where performance is rewarded.

A position located in Germany in the beautiful and attractive city of Hamburg.

Our own cryptocurrency as yearly benefit that gets more valuable based on company valuation as your inflation protection.

Exclusive insight into the national and international police forces and security sector.

Working with combat experienced professionals from all over the world to give advice to you.

Essential :

  • Have at least 2 years of Unreal experience

  • BluePrint UE4 & UE5 development skills

  • C ++ development skills

  • Multi User development skills.

  • Curious and Interested in the Latest Developments

  • Have a good mathematical background (Academic or vocational degree / no degree is not a dealbreaker)

  • Be able to take over an existing project

  • A constant concern for the quality of the user experience


  • Proven portfolio of UE4 BP, C ++.

  • Proven performance in English.

This position is NOT remote in general (but elements can be done in remote and later tested on site). The team is partially remote, partially on site.