[PAID] Looking for UE4 Engineers [Fully Remote]

Job Title: UE4 Engineer (Remote)
Please send resume to hr@joinbrix.com

Project Info: cooperates with many well-known animation and novel IPs to develop Gamifi, by making the IP of the novel into a game, and making the game props into nft, through nft, the props of the game can be reused in different games.

Salary Range: $4000-6000 USD per month

You will be doing:

  • C+±based UE 4 engine game client development;

  • Design and write related functional modules, design game architecture, implement monster Ai, etc.;

  • Actively participate in the development of the game, and put forward reasonable suggestions;


  • Familiar with UE4’s basic animation system, combat system, logic framework, system framework, and blueprints;

  • Having more than 2 years experience in C++ game development, and more than 2 years experience in UE4 development;

  • Solid mathematical foundation, outstanding logical thinking ability, good data structure and algorithm foundation;

  • Good parallel program design and real-time optimization suggestions;

  • Good communication and coordination skills and teamwork awareness, able to actively summarize and share their development;

  • Have standardized programming habits and document writing ability;