[PAID] Looking for UE4 3D Artists and Level Designer. VR promo game for 3D display.

Project Title:
Promo game for CES Conference in Vegas Jan 2017(
Game production from October 2017 until January 2018

We are Dimenco We are by provide best and most convenient 3D experience – no glasses required. It is basically displays with real time 3D.

The game will be for Exhibition and it will be realistic VR environment without any glasses from 40 sec up to 2 min gaming experience. We will track user with eye cameras, and generate realistic 3D for that person and controls in game will be done with hands tracking, like Intel real sense or Leap motion.


  • Realistic environment
  • First person view
  • Site by Site stereo rendering with Dimento UE4 VR plugin
  • VR with 3D display, without any glasses

Team Name:

Team Structure:

  • C++ and Blueprint Programmers
  • 3D Artists
  • Project Managment

Previous Work:
Previous year Unity space station game

Talent Required:
UE4 3D Artists, Level Designers

  • UE4 1+ year experience
  • Portfolio
  • Availability until January 2017


Denys Dubinin
Skype: dubinin-den

**Please if you interesting send you price rate, time availability per week and PORTFOLIO to my email **.

If you will have more question you can ask in this topic

Are there any specific technical requirements to ensure the scenes work or look best with your tech?

Greetings! I’ve sent you a Skype invite for the job.

I assume you would follow this carefully written technical document on their website

I used to draw keyframes for glasses-less technology “TV Stream Networks” and often wondered how it was all put together in their Patented software, this answers a lot of questions, I just wish I had more VR experience - id apply in a flash.

For 3D models there is no specific requirements, It will be models like for any game, for level design, yes - Basically it will be requirements for virtual camera position and near objects, for getting more 3D depth effect.

Here is our unity example from last year

Here is real example how it work with display in UE4

Here some reference projects

Storm VR

Robinson: The Journey – PlayStation VR (adventure)

The Climb – Oculus VR (adventure)

StringVR (Interactive Virtual Reality Architecture)

Here is some visual examples

Just emailed you,hit me up for more details :wink:

Hello Denis,
I have emailed you my details, hope to hear from you soon.