[PAID] Looking for UE dev for mobile runner/racing game

Hello, dear community. First, let me introduce myself: I’m Alex, and I do game art and some of that goes to the Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset store too. Here’s my portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/rocket

I have mobile game project I wanted to make long ago, and now I decided to hire UE professional to help me with vertical slice. I’ll name several features first to make a clearer perspective of required skills and experience first:

  • Physics
  • Procedural level generation
  • Mobile-oriented project
  • Multiplayer

Project description:

Mobile racing/runner in tube-like and similar environments about mice/rats/cats etc that race through severs and compete for rewards, utilizing inertia physics movement and gravity (so the player can swing like a pendulum and the power of it rises with every button press until mouse can make a 360 spin around the pipe, also increasing players speed until they hit the obstacle or loose handling in sharp turn). While racing players hit each other in multiplayer mode and fight in time trial, but that’s to be decided. Maps should be generated, but with reasonable limits of turn degree so players could pass them.

I’ll include old draft screenshot , that’s to be updated to the current graphics trends (Crash Bandicoot 4, Spyro, etc).: https://i.imgur.com/PJvRyLD.jpg

And some models just to give the impression: Sewer Surfers - 3D model by rocketalex3d (@rocketalex3d) [00347c2] - Sketchfab

Vertical slice should be a playable Infinite level, with ability to collect rewards and procedurally generated environment: the tube turning in random directions, obstacles. Ability to test multiplayer part is a huge plus.

You can reach me with your offers and portfolios in Discord: RocketAlex#0792
I’d prefer to work with experienced professionals with strong portfolios/credits only.

Thank you!