[Paid] Looking for someone to follow a 3.5 - 4 Hours Tutorial [Closed]

Basically I tried to do this tutorial twice now from scratch but I ended up both times with almost the same result but one major bug - I tried to fix them afterwards with the source code of his Project - but since the source is already 80 Episodes ahead I destroyed it even more - And I really don’t want to start from sratch a third Time on this Personal Project.…HqhF_ws9n40DPO

I will need the Project Files up to Episode 16 ,#12Bugfix Start Tile, of this Tutorial about a Random Level Dungeon Generator BP - ( I will need this as a BP to follow along the tutorial again and hopefully to learn what I did wrong with my two attempts )

Thaught 100 Euros is enough for this kind of work - if you’re up for it or have any questions - reply to me at [EMAIL=“”]



Why not just fix the bug?
I can help you with that and not even ask for $$$
add me on discord: Stefan#0328

did you fix the bug ?

Not Yet - Feel Free to send me a message to my email.

New Amsterdam took the Job - he did great Work and went up and beyond the requirements - also had interesting ideas that helped the System - I ended up spending more money on the Project since the work he delivered was super good and new features had a fast turn around time - can only recommend!