[PAID] Looking for outstanding GUI artist

I am looking for an outstanding GUI artist. The feel is modern / Sci fi. I need someone that will create a more robust GUI. I need more then flat transparent gray boxes. This is not a game but an app. The most important aspect of the whole app is the UI interaction. I have a programmer who will code the UI but need the artist. Must be willing to work with the programmer to get an amazing result. This will be on mobile.

We will need some frames for the options. Some tabs to pull out the gui when clicked on. We also want something like a highlight when clicked on.

Here is an example of what the app will do but the app will have more options then just colors.


Here are some examples of what we are looking to get close to. It doesn’t have to be so scifi but fun interaction.

Please have a portfolio ready that shows GUI work in game. Prefer to see it in Unreal Engine but any engine is fine. I will not consider anyone who can’t show their work in game.

The deadline to finish the project is October 31st, 2021

Please PM me here, james.walsh@walshtechnologies.com or discord: Kobaltic#4673