[Paid] Looking for Material Editor Guru

Hi all,

I’m looking to pay $75/hour (or best offer) for short-term bursts of work (think half-day or full day sporadically, whenever you have time).

I’m looking for someone who has demonstrable expertise in creating complex materials within unreal engine. I’m a solo developer who is looking to boost my basic material knowledge with a deeper understanding (and at the same time create various materials needed for my project). This work would involve material creation as well as some instruction on how the material was created and how it can be adapted. Most of the materials I’m trying to create are simply to speed up development workflows and provide high-quality artistic results across many assets.

One example that I’m currently trying to create is a world-aligned, 3-way blend, vertex paintable material that makes use of Quixel’s surface materials (Albedo, Normal, AO/R/D textures). The goal is to create a paintable plaster material that has exposed bricks underneath the broken plaster (basically this, except I can paint the breakups and I can do it across many different sized walls without seams or repetition).

Some materials would be more complicated, some less complicated. I’m looking for someone who has significant experience in the material editor and can handle the more complicated stuff (and more importantly, can break down complex ideas into action items and easily describe what can and cannot be done with materials). Also, someone who not only understands how the nodes work inside the material editor, but who also has an artistic eye to determine what looks realistic and believable and what doesn’t.

If you’re interested, please show examples of your material work. I’m looking for AAA quality.