[PAID] Looking for Game Programmer (Remote work) - Realtime Strategy Game

Project Work Title:
Naval War

Job Title:
Game Programmer

Game Description:
We are developing a multiplayer naval realtime strategy game. You command ships, subs and planes on the sea. Surrounded by some Islands. Goal is to conquer islands and gather resources to grow your war power.

Team Name:

Team Structure:
Project Manager, 3D Artist, Programmer
actual Teamsize: 2

Talent required:
C++ Programmer, Blueprint Programmer

What we need:
we are starting from scratch. We have a detailed plan how to start the project and which steps need to be done in the starting phase. Our slogan: Think big but keep things simple. Optimization is the keyword. You need to have good knowledge of UE4 and you should have multiplayer programming experience.

First steps:
beginning with the sea enviroment. We need a good ocean and underwater view. (We have alot of reference material). Then we will deploy first units and the game progresses this way. Multiplayer features are included directly from the beginning of the project.

Your Profile:
good UE4 programming skills
good Multiplayer programming skills
good BP skills
good english or german (we are native german speaker, so another german member would fit perfect)

What we offer:
full remote office
full team support
if you need something that speeds up the processes you will get it
positive and constructive atmosphere
you can learn and grow with the project
you can influence the game with your ideas
a good team with alof of experience in different sections
20-40 hours work per week

What we pay:
12-15$ US/hour for the beginning later you can get more.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]