[PAID] Looking for Digital Artist


After trying out being on a few teams here in the forums I realized I just wanted to make my own game. So here it is, I am wanting a digital artist who most importantly has high ambition and energy. After digging into what Unreal offers I quickly realized that while I can do everything myself, I’d rather have some kind of free time for like… sleeping lol.

Newcomers to Digital Art(students) are welcome, but if you are not able to produce I will politely find someone else. That being said, initially there won’t be much work to do for you so that is why it isn’t a big deal if you are learning and want to earn some cash as I am still playing around with a few mechanics.

I have a completely prototyped game with no marketplace assets. I am doing player immersion programming now and art is part of it. I hope someone finds interest in this and we make my dream b-a-u-t-ful lol.

A bit about myself, I was fortunate enough to save up enough to be able to program full-time on my own accord. So whether the game I make is the next big thing or a flop, I am living my dream at the moment. I have traveled a bit here and there and love chatting while working. I also have a love/hate relationship with League of Legends…sigh. I like camping on the beach.

DISCORD ME BRO False Motive#5549
warm regards,

Hi Justin,
I’d love to hear more about your project. Here’s my portfolio:

​​​​​​​If you believe my art and skills would benefit your game then shoot me an email to
Looking forward to hearing more about the project!

All the Best,
Jac Rossiter

@Jakro, Yes the Beasts awakening following a theme we have. I will shoot you an email shortly.

Hey Justin,

Is the offer still available ? Take a look at my portfolio.

I have experience in 3D modeling, retopology, texturing and lighting. Also, I have experience in Graphic design.

Hope it intrigues your curiosity.

Hello, can you check my BID on FREELANECR under then name AmmarGITS. I would like to talk with you