[PAID] Looking for Developers for our Metaverse “UnitedSpaces”

Hello everyone,
my name is Fabian founder of NeoxEntertainment
our vision is to make the world a better place by creating games that have an actual impact or use case also connect customers to the right developers to archive the dreams of their own game.
We are currently working on many awesome projects like our own metaverse a web-based game customizer and much more.

currently, we are seeking passionate programmers to join us in creating fast-paced multiplayer action games but also Simulations and much more for PC and consoles.

• Participating in the planning, construction, and integration of the system linked to the engine’s backend.
• Creation/maintenance of gameplay and networked systems.
• Debug and optimize code.
• Document code features.

Required Skills:
• Experience programming in game development using Unreal Engine 4
• Have developed at least a full game in Unreal Engine (Commercial or study)
• 3+ years experience in development
• excellent Blueprint development skills
• Experience with Network Replication
• Experience on dedicated/listen server
• Good communication skills in spoken/written English

• C++ Development
• Experience with AWS and the setup of Dedicated servers and Pixelstreaming

Additional Information:
•Working remotely is an option.

How to Apply:
Please send me some information about you together with some references
of past Projects (Pictures / Videos) or a Portfolio
we can then discuss more in a call.

Send email to: neoxdev.info@gmail.com
Discord: Fabuman2000#1960
Our website: www.neoxentertainment.com