[PAID] Looking for Developers for our Metaverse "UnitedSpaces"

Project Title:

The Project is a Metaverse called United Spaces which is a Virtual Exhibition / Office Platform
which will soon connect people world wide with each other to work together in a fun interactive way to
also be more efficient. This platform is not only made for Companies also indviduals will be able to
Buy their own NFT buildings in a City and they can also meet friends and can play minigames with them
I will share more informations about the project after you signed a NDA but also without NDA we can discuss about the tasks etc
so feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Legally Corporated Studio

Studio Name

Team Structure**:**
Fabian Grundmann CEO NeoxEntertainment
Bosco Bellinghausen CEO Allissa Spaces
(currently recruting Freelancers out of my Netowork)

Previous Work:
Here you can find a little video of what we have so far but we will rebuild many of those existing mechanics soon :slight_smile:

List of previous projects by the team:
NeoxEntertainment worked on many smaller projects till now for Customers
which you can find here

or also on my YouTube Chanel:

Talent Required:
UE4 Developer BP / (C++)

  • UE4 Blueprint Developer
  • Multiplayer Replication
  • Mearging Complex Assetpacks + Creating Gameplay mechanics from scretch
  • Experiance with Perforce / Plastic Source Control or Nvidia Omniverse (Additional)
  • Experiance with Dedicated Servers
  • Experiance using Pixelstreaming
  • Experiance using Agora for Voice and Video Chat
  • Exeriance with AWS Server Setup for Multiplayer Pixelstreaming

We are currently working on a Website for this project
but for more informations about NeoxEntertainment:

Discord: Fabuman2000#1960