[PAID] Looking for Dedicated rigger/skinning artist

I am advertising on behalf of my client, I am the projects animator and need some serious help with cleaning up character skinning! You would be working directly with me if the project lead decides to hire you for this work.

Project: Croix Blade

Requirement: Top class skinning artist, must be confident with weight painting multi layered clothing to best avoid skin penetration. Also the potential to build a solid control rig on top of the current skeleton.

Tech details: We currently have 4 main characters, 1 of which is pretty decent skin weights wise. The other 3 have multi layered cloth, body clipping and a whole bunch of skinning issues. Originally rigged in the “Unreal ART” tools they have gone through a lot of iteration. Upon my HD dying all ART files were lost meaning we now have to find another solution as the ART tools won’t detect the previous skeletons. HumanIK is not cutting it to animate from scratch with. Once the skinning job is done we can discuss the potential to get a custom animation rig on each character to be our “Final” rigs moving forward. The current skeletal structure CANNOT be modified or moved around unless absolutely needed.

Compensation: The client has specified a maximum of $300/per week to get this done so however many hours that works out at for your hourly rate.

Contact: Please contact discord user “Kurosu#8078” or email who is the project lead to show any rigging reels and to discuss terms.


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