[PAID] Looking for Character Artist and GDD Writer

Project Title:
Hoverboard Online


  • An Online Multiplayer Racing game which uses Hoverboards instead of regular Cars/Vehicles. The camera is isometric which, according to the developers, solves the problem of not being able to see your friends/opponents during the race with a regular camera attached to the back.
  • The game features multiple characters and various methods for customization having more than one layer of progression which is applied to each character individually.
  • Items with stats could influence a race but all the other vanity items are cosmetic and don’t have an impact on the game.
  • The game features multiple game modes both regular Multiplayer and Co-Op. The regular updates consisted of new maps and new items.

Team Name:

Team Structure

**Talent Required:
Character artist
Game Development Document **

  • Design examples of characters
  • Writer a detailed GDD


Hey there @Doop300s do you already have a GDD template that you’ve started working with? We’ve thrown this one up over here if it helps: gdd-template | Ironbelly Studios . Cheers!

Thank you!