[PAID] Looking for C++ and/or Blueprint devs


I’m Orkblutt, CTO of Yaku Corp. We’re looking for talented devs to work with our team.
We need people with good multiplayers experience.

We’re building a metavers connecting the whole web3 ecosystem. Our community is worth than 60k people and it’s growing every days.

We’re currently working with:
@MagicEden (they bough a tower in our virtual city)
@opensea (they bought a tower too )
@AudiusProject (we integrated an ingame player using their API…player can play music and manage playlist)
@HawksightCo (there is a big screen in the player appartment displaying their AI driven trading signals)
@Dadchat, a Nasdaq company (strategic alliance to add billboard and use ads as passive income to our holders)
Top Solana NFT projects bought a tower like SMB, Stoned APE Crew…

We launched 3 collections on Solana :

  • 1 cutomisable motorbike which be used as a transportation across the metaverse
  • 1 cutomisable metaverse place called capsule in 3 different sizes (pds, suite, penthouse) where users can walk around, display their NFTs, expose their bikes in an attached garage, and use a lot of web3 services integrated in the Yaku TV.
  • 1 cutomisable avatar

All these assets can be customised with another NFTs purschasable through the Yaku Store. A virtual mall in the Yakuverse.


I forgot to say its a full remote work with flexible hours.
The salary is included in a range of $2000 to $4500 by month depending on your profile.
It can be part time if you want.

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