[PAID] Looking for an Unreal Engine Designer for a Movie

Hello, I’m a post supervisor for an upcoming studio feature film. We are looking to hire on a designer/animator engineer who can render a scene that we currently have as temp footage from cyberpunk 2077. There’s about 25 seconds of video game footage in the cut right now.

A member of our team is playing a video game streamer threatening the main character while murdering an NPC who looks like her. We’re not trying to pass the game off as Cyberpunk, but we are going for a first person hi res depiction of a game that can accomplish this.

If you have experience working on small scenes like this, or if you have ideas about how to better realize this idea, please reach out to chrisriverapost@gmail.com.

There are a few different approaches I’m imagining, but I’m not from the gaming world so I’m not sure what’s manageable/clearable and what realistic time table expectations should be.