[Paid] Looking for an Unreal C++ Developer for long term guidance

I am just getting into unreal and setting up my project to connect to external restful apis. I have a few questions on how unreal works with C++ classes so I can better structure my project.

Like, can any C++ classes be assessed by any other class.

Whats the best way to create classes for deserialization and serialization when working with json

Whats the best way to save persistent data across classes that can be edited in the editor and via code. Heard of Data Asset, not sure how that is used.

Please send an email to if interested.

I would like someone as soon as possible and willing to pay hourly for this conversation as well as guidance on best practices.

Hi, I’m indie Game developer with UE4.
I have rich experiences in that fields. So I think I can help you enough.
If you have any problems in your project, please let me know.
Best Regards.

Sent a private message, please read and get back to me. Thanks