[Paid] Looking for 3D environment/props artist

Hi there!

Our company looking for 1-2 3D environment/props artists to help us design our game worlds.

Our workflow is: low-poly ⇨ high-poly ⇨ baking ⇨ texturing ⇨ iray render in substance painter.

If you’e interested — please send links to your portfolio and I’ll be in touch with everyone who I think can be a good fit for our project.

More info will be provided upon making a contact.


Hello i’m 21 from PA, I have been using that workflow for quite a long time and own substance painter and blender.

I could help, cjsavage56@gmail.com
Discord: Shaggy#6014

Hi there, i might be able to help, i´ve worked as a Technical Artist in several areas, including making 2D and 3D Assets with different level of details and working with Substance painter, here is the link for my portfolio


Can help with it

Hello. My name is David
. I am a sales manager at Peacox studio. Our studio can help you with your projects. We have a group of professional artists with experience in both 3D and 2D art. You will be able to interact with artists in real time and demand fixes if necessary. For portfolio you can visit the following link - ArtStation - Alex Bitsadze For more information, please visit our website - https://peacoxstudio.com/en/home/ Hoping for the future collaboration, looking forward to hearing from you.


I’m Miguel, from Spain. I normally make first the high-poly, so I can finally decimate it with Zremesher, but I can follow that workflow, no problem.

Here’s my work:


If you think I could help, please contact me in:


Discord: AdeptusMecanicus#3033