[Paid] LF Stylized VFX Artist

Hello! We’re Griever Games, an Indie Studio founded in 2019, currently working hard to bring our first title, Forlorn Outcast, to life.

Our heavily WIP website: It is currently being completely re-worked, but it does offer further explanations and descriptions to inform you.

You can also find out more about Griever Games via the following website, which is also still WIP:

We’re currently entering the final stretch for Forlorn Outcast, with our schedule on track for a Q1 2023 release.

We’re posting here today as we’re looking for a VFX Artist to join our team and to bring the world of Tilsa to life. VFX is a key part to our games final visual look and dynamic feel. We need environmental effects to polish levels, a range of interesting magic effects to implement into our combat and magic system, along with additional VFX to compliment our interactions and gameplay.

What are we looking for:

  • Capable of working within Unreal Engine 4 using the Niagara system
  • A good understanding of the VFX workflow to bring a wide variety of assets to life
  • The ability to optimize VFX for use in games
  • Capable of and willing to receive feedback and work iteratively on assets

What are we offering:

  • Payment: Our team is predominantly rev-share based, but we have a few paid positions. This one will be paid. We can set it up the following ways:
  1. Rev-share + low hourly pay
  2. Rev-share + pay per asset complete
  3. Payment per asset
  4. Just Rev-share
    The best thing to do with regards to payment, is to contact our Project Lead (Contacts below) and discuss what works best for you.
  • Forlorn Outcast is a big project! It’s ambitious and vast, and as such, it offers a large variety of work for you to sink your teeth into. If you’re looking to get into the industry, this is a great opportunity to make your mark. You’ll have a good-sized game release under your belt in just over a year, and a wide range of polished VFX to add to your portfolio – Plus we hope you have an enjoyable time working on our dark PBR stylized world!

  • We have a fantastic and dedicated team who have committed over 10,000 hours in the past 2+ years. You’ll be surrounded by people who love what they do, know what they’re doing and want to make the best game possible. If you love what you do, you’ll be in good company!

A quick note on our art style; we work within a PBR stylized art style. We blend stylized with realism. A good way to think of it, is that the foundations of an asset are stylized (it’s shapes, forms, large-medium details), but the finish and detail of the asset, has the freedom to push more towards realism. It results in a creative and characterful asset which isn’t completely limited in its ability to push detail.

We have documentation and artists on hand to help introduce the art style, but we wanted to give you a briefing of it now, to ensure it sounds like something you’d enjoy working within.

If you are a VFX Artist and you’re interested in joining Griever Games, or you simply want to enquire and ask further questions, we encourage you to drop an email to:

OR contact our Project Lead via Discord at:


Both methods of contact work fine.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you very much for your time to read this post!

Griever Games