PAID Lee Meredith - 3D Animator

Hello, I’m looking for freelance work! I’m in the process of waiting for some work to be released so haven’t updated my reel but you can find everything I’ve animated on my Artstation: ArtStation - Lee Meredith

1 year animating freelance in the game industry

Previous work:

While my work is yet to be released I have worked on these titles:-

Hide or Die - Hide Or Die on Steam
Girl Of Glass -
Pregnancy+ -…505864483?mt=8

(Will update with gameplay/trailers when they are released into the wild)

My rates are reasonable and I will go out of my way to solve any issues or problems that occur, free of charge. For me this is mostly a learning experience and a portfolio builder.

I’ve recently purchased modular rig builder, which allows me to rig character models for games but I am very inexperienced in this for now.

Contact me at [EMAIL=“”]
ArtStation - Lee Meredith