[PAID] Lead/Senior Game Developer

Lead/Senior Game Developer at Metagaming
Remote Friendly


• Prototyping and design of game systems for a hybrid ARPG-Battle Royale game mode.
• UE4/5 programming, scripting, blueprints, world system with multi-world support.
• Systems engineering, server architecture, Npc spawning, combat.
• RNG loot system, combat leveling, skill trees, Random world generation.
• Design, implement and maintain systems and tools to support gameplay (animation, locomotion, navigation, combat, etc.).
• Write clear, maintainable, portable, and highly functional code; well-structured, with multiplayer support architecture.
• Lead development of full game development cycle, all technical aspects of development.
• Work with CEO on game design and references of other game systems, mechanics, gameplay.
• Determine and plan out full development cycle and timeline, from Prototype stage → MVP → Alpha → Beta → Launch.
• Work with blockchain engineers in integrating specific blockchain technologies using smart contracts into the game prior to launching.

• B.Sc. degree in computer science or equivalent experience.
• Minimum 5 years of professional programming experience within the game industry, 3+ years specifically open-world type games, RPGs, and PvP/PvE gameplay.
• Deep insight into game design, player incentives, economic systems, rewards, skill-arc, progression, with experience in developing MMOs, ARPGs, or Open-world gameplay.
• Expertise in both C++ and Blueprints.
• Expert programming generalist with mastery of code architecture skills.
• Commitment to code quality, documentation, and sound testing procedures.
• Diablo, New World, PoE, RuneScape related game development, knowledge and understanding of game systems.
• Led full-cycle game development, team, working with director/game producers.
• Great organizational skills, documenting, managing, and concise written planning and objectives for other developers/designers to implement.
• (Bonus) Understanding of blockchain and smart contracts integration into the game, ERC20 and ERC721 (NFT).

How To Apply
DM me in Discord: win#2348