[PAID] KRAFTON - Hiring Employees for the Project Blue Team (Flexible Work Arrangement Available)

KRAFTON is actively looking for talented employees for the Project Blue Team!

Project Blue Team is a project team created to develop a new life simulation game. It aims to create a realistic and immersive life simulation game by utilizing the next-generation technology of Unreal Engine 5.

The new life simulation game is based on individual play, but it also aims to provide a limited multi-player experience by making the most of Engine 5’s latest technology - developing it based on the first-person mode of screen production.

Although Project Blue is a team that started a few months ago, the team consists of excellent directors who are passionate to open a new chapter of the life simulation game genre. For those who are interested, kindly refer to the Job Description link listed below.

Positions Hiring

[Project Blue Team] Sr. Client Programmer (10 yrs +): https://grnh.se/31b58a492us

Contact Point
Email: career@krafton.com