[PAID - keep your work] Want the music editor from Dreams on PS4 but for PC.

Pretty simple offer. I want someone to recreate the music editor from the creative game called Dreams on PlayStation 4. It’s an extremely powerful music creator that’s simple enough for a complete novice to figure out and nobody has created anything like it on PC yet, meaning you can ONLY use it on a PS4. Dreams doesn’t even support PlayStation Plus Premium PC streaming, so you literally have to buy a PS4 and the game and then your music is still stuck on your PS4.

So the way this works is I pay you in part before and after the project is complete, you keep the final product, name it what you want, sell it, etc. I’m basically just buying the first copy of the software, as well as upgrades for any future versions you release. I just want the software to remain as similar to the music creator from Dreams as possible without crossing some sort of copyright law or another. There is a hunger from music creators like myself for a powerful, simple music creation software and Dreams nailed it. If I can help get something like that on the market, I think it will be a net benefit for everybody. Could even add a plugin for UE5 to make it easier to incorporate music into games which would help people improve workflow in the games industry, although my primary concern is just getting the basic software released on PC first.

Anyhow, let’s talk pricing. Remember that I’m basically paying you to make your own software to sell for yourself. The final product is all I’m motivated by, so let’s price this thing accordingly. There are a wealth of videos on YouTube explaining the functions of the Dreams music editor, so there’s plenty of research material in case you don’t own a PS4 and the game. Also, if you want to just make a 1:1 replica of the Dreams music editor and call it good enough, that’s fine too, but then let’s talk about making it open source so other folks can add to it over time.

Thanks in advance, folks!

Hey! I’m an Unreal Developer and I’m interested in the project. You can contact me on Discord: random0bat.

Apologies for the late reply! Was wrestling with some health complications the past few days. (My sleep cycle is a bit off now, too, as a result. Very vexing.) Will send you a friendvite on Discord presently.