[PAID] Julien H - Visual Dev (concept artist / Character design)


My name is Julien, i’m a freelance illustrator currently looking for work. I would like to work on ambitious projects that will allow me to develop strongs and uniques universes (with a preference for point and click, rpg and adventure games).
I’m ok to work on royalties if the project as chances to be funded.


  • concept art
  • 2d background
  • 2d assets
  • characters (modelsheet and 3d sculpting)
  • storyboard

Take a look at my portfolio :
you’ll see that i’ve my own style but i can adapt to find the best visual ID for a game.

I live in Europe, i can work online.
I speak english and french.

Serious replies and comments are welcome !

Here are some of the most recent recent work i’ve done :


(Screenshot of a fictive game)