Paid Job - Unreal Scripting

Hello guys,

I have a freelance job, i will pay for it. I want a custom player controller / pawn / gametype that replicates exactly (or similar) the Gears of War Gameplay System, like this guy have done in UDK:

- YouTube (gears of war player controler)

Cover System,Evade System,Melee Combo,Reload Fail,Special Jump,Run test - YouTube (gears of war player controler)

- YouTube (cinematic kill effect)

- YouTube (cinematic kill effect)

But i want that whenever the player clicks on right mouse to aim, the camera changes to 1st person ironsights, like in Resident Evil Umbrella Corps:

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Gameplay - TGS 2015 - YouTube (3rd person action with 1st person ironsights aiming)

I need just the scripting, you could use UDK Stock Models and Animations for this.

Can someone do this?


hello, someone answered this? I needs programmer too. :smiley:

Just an idea…

But if I was in your shoes I’d send out some PM’s as well instead…
Try the old forums too. Maybe email notifications are still working…

Tegleg, UnrealEverything, Jetfire, Spoof, RattleSN4K3, Rama etc…

But still,in the old udk forums there are still scripts that replicate this.And if you look here:

You will find some ready code for the player controller.

Thanks for all the comments and answers. Yes, I already found some cool player controllers that replicate Gears of War Gameplay, I just need to study some basics of Unreal Scripting to be be able to adapt, fix these scripts to work exactly the way i want.

However, I could not find yet anything like cinematic kills:

Does anyone has any idea?