[PAID] Hiring individuals experienced in multiplayer blueprints and c++


We are building an mmo style game similar to world of warcraft and grand theft auto.

Talent Required:

C++ Programmer

  • Experience with TPS multiplayer dedicated server networking:

  • Animation graphs

  • AI behavioral trees

  • Gamemode scripting and UI

  • World map & mini-map widget menus

  • Replication

  • In game currency

  • Strong work ethic towards clean and commented code

  • Able to work 15 to 20 hours a week

  • Some experience with Git is preferred


Discord: TheKing#55555

Please send me your resume, portfolio, and/or any videos you’d like to show me. If you’re interested, be prepared for a code evaluation and review.
I am open to any questions you may have of our project, looking forward to your responses! Thank you.