[PAID] Hiring AAA Team - Riggers, Environment Designers, Animators, Modelers, and Technical Artists

Project Title:

We are a startup studio building an open world AAA quality game utilizing proprietary AI for unique interactive experiences.

Team Name:
Adaptive Peak

Team Structure**:**
We currently have a team of 7 including developers and designers.

Talent Required:
We are looking for multiple senior level roles who are available to start within the next 6 months, however the sooner the better. Please apply via email if you fit one of the following roles:

  • Technical Artists
  • Character Rigger (face + body)
  • Environment/Level Designer
  • 3d modelers
  • Animators
  • VFX specialists

Please email us a link to your portfolio, your resume, start date, and desired rate.


E-mail: jobs@remarkable.is

Sent you an E-Mail, I’m definitely interested!

Any more info on what genre game u are making other than open world? I think it’s important for both parties that the applicants actually like the game they’ll be working on…

I’m a very good all-round UE4 developer and artist, And I might be interested, but i’m looking for specific genres that interest me.