[PAID] [Hiring a Team] Demo for a Sandbox Singleplayer Zombie Survival Game

Quick Showcase Video

We are looking for an experienced Team of UE developers to help develop and lead our indie game.

The goal is to build a playable demo that will be showcased to potential backers during our Kickstarter campaign planned to launch within the next 6 months.


  • Please have a look at our Quick Showcase video to see the current progress: Devlog #1 - Zandbox Survival : Quick Showcase - YouTube
  • Estimated project length : 2 to 4 months
  • Sandbox Singleplayer Zombie Survival Game, taking inspiration from titles such as The long dark, Scum, Dayz, Days Gone
  • Self-funded with enough budget for acquiring any needed assets, paying the team for developing the demo, and to cover part of the full development cycle (to be completed with money acquired through Kickstarter)
  • Game Design Document of 80+ pages ready to use
  • Possibility to conduct the contract beyond the demo if Kickstarter campaign is successful


  • Team with 2+ years experience with Unreal building 3D PC Games
  • 2 or more members with proven strong knowledge of UE Blueprints and C++, able to work together developing different parts of the project at the same time
  • 1 or more member with SFX/VFX/Level Design knowledge (90% of the demo build will consist of free/paid assets, but you need experience manipulating these)
  • Fluent English for communication
  • Able to provide estimated time to complete objectives and milestones
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to new technical changes as per project needs
  • Ability to share progress via source control and regular test builds

Contact me via Discord for more info : Myst#9340