PAID- HEBRON PPG - Concept Artist (Environment | Props )

Hi guys, my name is Hebron, an Indonesian Concept Artist . Currently, I am available for hire.
So, if you have a project that need a concept artist to visualize your idea, create your unique world, or even designing props for your next game, please let me know. Personally, I prefer to be contacted via email

**Skillset(s): **
2D Environment/ Props Concept Artist

Previous Work:

DreadEye VR - Environment Concept Artist

PS: Samples have been uploaded below

Portfolio link

Email : [EMAIL=“”]

Below i included some samples from my personal works and my professional works

Thank you :slight_smile:

Professional Work (some samples)

Bump Up !!!
Hey guys, I am available for work.
My email opens to your kind offer

Below I have included my last personal works. Hope you like it


hi all, currently i am available for new work challenge. So, if you have an interesting project that we can do work collaboration, please contact me at my email :

I also included some of my recent personal works, for further images you can visit my link below:

Hi, I am updating my tread here with a personal project that I finished last weekend.
Currently open opportunity to get freelance works. If you have a cool project, and think my portfolio can fit with your requirement, please call me through my email at:

Hey guys, i filled my last weekend with sci fi painting to make sure I keep productive.
So, if you have a game project/ illustration/ film that you think we can work together, please contact me at: