[PAID] have AI/Character be able to wall walk,

I am looking to see if someone knows how this can be done I need to have AI/Characters be able to walk walk like in this video in both single player and multiplayer

for now, unreals nav mesh only works on the floor, and the character can just move on the floor

let me know if you can do something like this. thanks

its an old plugin thats not updated anymore…doesnt work

why don’t you compile it?

Add me on discord Alex.x#0502 and e-mail on with your nickname. Guess i can figure this out


I’m planning for similar mechanic. I wasn’t a fan of the ai movement in the video for spider navigation so, sought out other solutions. My plan was to use a combination of Don’s Pathfinding Flying AI for Pathfinding & False Gravity for Wall Walking. I’ve recompiled and tested both. Flying AI can use invisible meshes to contain AI pathing in particular area, False Gravity does a great job of applying Character gravity to any surface, however, transitions between 90 degree surfaces require some assistance with animations to smooth them out. This is further down on my list of priorities. Once i do start working on it, ill post some vids on our youtube.

well I tried the false gravity, I cant seem to get the gravity to stick on say a cube. I need it like this alien where is just keeps walking on everything
so in false gravity if I walk up to a cube shape, it just stops. if I do the teleport line by trace it works but if I walk to the edge of a cube I fall off, it cant keep walking around a cube without falling off. is this what you mean when you say transitions with 90 degree surfaces? Is there any way to do it?

if not i still need it done

Have you tested with Plugin using the FalseGravityExampleProject? If YES, does it work like in the demo video?

yes it does work like that, but the character cant directly walk from the floor onto a cube shape.

if I use the line by trace teleport I can walk side ways on a cube, but once I try to walk over the edge of any side, the character falls to the ground. So its not really 0 gravity if the character can fall off a 90 degree point I think, but all the other gravity plugins are the same way, cant just walk up to a cube and walk around it

Time to find a work around. Considering Collision is defined as separate shape. Round or bevel/chamfer the corners and edges of the collision shape. You could still use a cube geometry for visible shape.

yeah but its only a temp fix, I need a more stable system where it can walk on anything

can anyone help please Ill play

Hello I made this in the past I could probably do it again. #PRESSURE2000

Did you try my free component?
You can have the wall walk too…

im still looking for someone to do this for me. if anyone can please respond

hey can anyone help, I had another dev abandon me, I paid him to, but it doesnt work.

I really need this done, I have been asking for over 2 years and I cant find anyone

I only saw that post today, 2021 haha… So… You’ve tried line trace for normal and lock the planar movement?

When you press a button, you fire up the “constrain to plane” and update the “Plane Constraint Normal” with a event tick (or timeline loop) using line trace… Just dont forget to change the camera Spring Arm settings, only to follow that normal direction (like trackmania on speed loops).

I’m working on my own project, but i did it a year ago using a spider like movement and worked like a charm.