[PAID] Goal Orientated AI Planner [C++/Blueprint]

Project Title:
G.O.A.P. AI Framework

Looking for someone to help me create an AI planner in the vein of those used F.E.A.R. and Shadow of Mordor, based on Jeff Orkins paper. Can pay well, based on agreed milestones.

Will need to include:

  • Goals
  • Actions with prerequisites and effects
  • Planner
  • Blueprint / Designer friendly workflow to create goals and actions

Previous Work:
Sea of Thieves
Crackdown 3
Eden Star

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer / Blueprint Scripting

Skype: thomas_whaley
Discord: Shrike#5138

Hi, I’m interested. I’m Ibrahim Akinde, and I have 4 years of professional experience in UE4. I reached out on Discord: @Ragnar#9805
Here’s my portfolio: