[PAID][GIG] Part-Time Character Artist Needed

Looking for a Character Artist for an Indie VR Game

This is NOT a Full Time Role

Mobile VR Game
Reality Shift is looking for a part-time character artist to contract out gig work to.

Looking for someone who’s comfortable working the entire 3D model character pipeline from texturing to rigging with a sci-fi aesthetic. These characters are for a mobile VR game and require both clean and efficient topology that is mapped to the UE4 mannequin skeleton. That being said, the level of detail and fidelity is on the lower side as these are rather simple characters.

Other gigs may involve rigged sci-fi weapons/skins and will be much simpler in scope.

Talent Required:
<3D Character Artist> <3D Artist>

Skills Needed Include:


  • modeling
  • texturing
  • UV work
  • skinning
  • rigging
    *(Animation is a nice to have)

You will be paid a lump sum for each individual gig. Work will be negotiated and once terms are understood, we can discuss payment for that specific gig. The game is still in early Alpha stages and may have several opportunities arise in the near future.

E-mail: realityshiftsolutions@gmail.com

I am having an opening between projects, and I am available for work.
Have a look at my portfolio and see if we could be a good fit.
You can also contact me through email: enev.business@gmail.com
Best regards,