[PAID] Gameplay Programmer & Look Dev / Shader (& FX) TD [@ Daimler / Mercedes, Stuttgart/Germany]

Just in case this could be interesting for some here, as we are looking for not one, but 2 rare breeds indeed…

**Roles Required **

  • Gameplay/UI Programmer - with a knack for (Game & general) Design, Prototyping, VR/AR/future tech
  • Look Dev / Shader (& FX) TD - essentially a human swiss army knife for all things Shading, Lighting & FX in real-time 3d environments (plus optimization of such, since it can’t all be fun & games…)

Both need to be experienced (3+ years) & have multiple shipped titles, as well as willing to live & work in Stuttgart/Germany, as this is for full-time positions within Mercedes’ Design Department.

If this could be you, get in touch and send through your vita/cv and more importantly, references to your past projects & jobs, via the official job-page (and, as this will probably come up as a question - German language would help, but isn’t mandatory for this if otherwise exceptionally suited [and fluent in English]).


Churs & all the bestest.