[PAID] Gameplay & Network Programmer [Titanforged Entertainment]

Project name

Roles Required

  • 1 gameplay programmer
  • 1 network programmer (Multiplayer)

If you’re able to do both and are fairly good at it, we might just need 1 programmer.

Team size

Project length
We have already finished the art for the game, so the project length depends on how long it takes you to program the game. I imagine 2-3 months or less but this is to be discussed.

This will be discussed in private but do not expect high payments like in professional studios. We are an indie game company and this is our first project.

Your tasks

  • You will be working with the Steam API.
  • Gameplay programming. Some of the elements would be UI implementation, character animation blueprints stitched together, ranking reward system, coins reward system, matchmaking queue, board game programming such as chess or ludo. WITHOUT AI.
  • Network Programming. You will be responsible for making the game in multiplayer.

Project Description
The project is a 3D Multiplayer Tabletop RPG game containing all of your classic board games. Games such as Chess and Ludo designed into an RPG environment. The boards are turned into environments and the pawns are turned into animated characters. Enjoy your classic board games with a modern look. The game is made in Unreal Engine.

If you’re interested in the project, you can contact me on Discord. My ID is Nafei#9413

Main Menu:

Chess map with some characters:

A friend request has been sent on Discord. It will be from WRKS Games or Kosala. Looking forward to a chat on this.

Looks like a great project! Sending over an invite to chat more and find out if there is anything else you might need help with down the road. Cheers!

Are you in need of a dedicated sound designer?

I’ve already a composer and sound designer for the project. Thanks though for the offer, I appreciate it.