[PAID] Game Studios is hiring gameplay engineers for Ultimate Rivals

Ultimate Rivals launch trailer

Games Studio is an independent developer and publisher of video games for all major platforms and the creator and publisher of the breakout licensed sports crossover franchise Ultimate Rivals — a multi-sport, arcade-action sports platform featuring competitive online multiplayer action.

For more information see: https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2019/…-apple-arcade/ and http://www.bitfry.com

’s team is a heavily backed studio composed of technology, gaming, and entertainment veterans who are intent on disrupting the current sports video game landscape.

The studio is currently hiring gameplay engineers.

Gameplay Engineer

What you will be doing:

  • Lead and discuss game system architectural decisions
  • Develop fast paced action driven gameplay
  • Work closely with design to build new features
  • Give input in a collaborative environment
  • Address technical challenges and reduce technical debt Required


  • 3+ years of experience in game development

  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent work experience

  • Experience designing and building gameplay systems

  • Proficiency in C++

  • Experience in a modern 3D game engine


  • 5+ years of experience in game development

  • Experience developing online games

  • Experience building for Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo consoles

  • Experience building for iOS or Android

  • Unreal or Unity experience (our products are built in Unreal 4, but Unity experience is helpful if you don’t have UE4 experience).

  • Self-driven individual who likes finding ways to help the team, improve the codebase, and continue to learn

Contact [EMAIL=“”] with your resume and a cover letter.

Game Studios, Inc., an independent multi-platform developer and publisher of sports video games, is composed of gaming, as well as entertainment and sports veterans, and is the first studio to combine licenses from all player unions as well as four leagues into a single gaming franchise.

has secured groundbreaking licensing agreements with nine major professional sports organizations, including the NHL, NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA), NBA, National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), MLB, MLB Players Association (MLBPA), NFLPA, Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA), USWNTPA, as well as Wayne Gretzky.

The company was founded in 2013 with its first investment coming from former Red Sox owner and vice chairman Les Otten, and now counts among its investors many leading names in sports and gaming, including NBA Commissioner Emeritus David Stern, Xbox co-creator and managing partner of 1UP Ventures Ed Fries, MLB all-star and World Series champion Ryan Howard, private equity fund Dugout Ventures, co-founding partner of March Capital Gregory Milken, Barclays’ head of Equities Trading for the Americas Todd Sandoz, and BITKRAFT Esports Ventures.

looks like a possible ripoff of my street hockey concept, just saying.

JonDavis99: Your suggestion is completely off base. We have never heard of your concept, our studio and this product have been in development for six+ years, and our product is fully licensed. There have been numerous arcade action sports games created over the decades, and our’s is the first ever to include fully licensed cross-over athletes, the concept for which originated within our studio walls. We wish you the best of luck in your pursuits, but ask that you not promote such baseless theories.

hmm, baseless or a possibility? i said possible.

i guess your work is really well done, congrats on the endorsement, EA wasn’t doing much with NHL on PC and even on consoles it was a rehash, the timing of the post and my publishing of the concept for Street Hockey were eerily coincidental, so while i never accused, it seems obvious that the timing is much more off than initially understood.

My Apologies, and well done with the trailer, looks very fun.

JonDavid99 I really appreciate your taking the time to post the follow up. And thanks for the congrats and glad to hear you are enjoying the game. I also want to say I wish you sincere success in pursuing your concept if still intend to. The industry benefits from more choices and even though it’s a challenging genre, I encourage anyone to stick to their passion. Every creative commercial artists will create their own unique art. If you ever think of joining an in-progress effort and think there might be a fit, also welcome you to reach out direct.

Best wishes from us all…