[PAID] Funded individual looking for prototype dev to pay-per-asset.

The player will co-op in multiplayer to embark on (stealth) gameplay missions, with espionage as theme. All joining players have different specialities and those separate skill-sets of each player will help solve different parts of the mission.


  • Rich dialogue and atmosphere. Think Quentin Tarantino movies.

  • Unique stealth mechanics takedowns.

  • First person view.

  • Different gameplay for different specialists. (players)

Team structure:

  • Miguel Nogueira (Project Creator, Concept Artist, Generalist)
    Project management, game design, concept art. (5 years of experience, with added experience on VFX, graphic design, film-making, thus making it over 10 years of experience in general graphic arts.)
    Featured on numerous game industry magazines and other art online communities such as Kotaku and 80lv.

  • João Brito (3D and 2D Generalist)
    VR prototypes, winner of Apple product design awards, 2 years of experience as game developer.

Talent Required:

**Prototype/Game-play developer **(1)
-Experience with Unreal Engine toolset a bonus

-Expected to implement, solve, iterate upon game-play mechanics to be discussed.

-Expected to execute rough 3D blackouts within the engine to further

  • Make a proof of concept for each mechanic designed.

Please send relevant experience and materials to the address below.


I sent you an e-mail :slight_smile: